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Beautiful, Outstanding UI Designs for Mobile Apps created professionally to present users a great UI/UX within the Smartphones’ environment.

Most of us own Smartphones these days and know that Mobile apps are very different than websites or online applications. Difference being that mobile apps are focused, specific, individual and insular. When we undertake your Mobile app design, we are take charge of creating the look and feel as well as the app-user relationship that your app provides its users.

The possibilities of what could be done are endless but the room for error is there too. Let us give you a brief overview of how we approach your App design, the top things we keep in mind, from research to actual design and testing.

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We start with research and make sure we have clear answers for these relevant points

Is it focused on Markeing or Branding

Mobile 1

Who will use the App

Mobile 2

Is it required to gain any revenue routes

Mobile 3
App Design Process
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What is the App supposed to accomplish

Mobile 5

Is it only a mobile version of an existing online presence

Mobile Steps

Once we have clarity on the above we then only have a single agenda of designing the app so it meets its purpose, be it selling, providing services or simply entertaining. Next, we check competition and other apps that are already doing and doing well what our app is going to do. We gain insights in the UX they offer to better understand how to make our app excel while learning from any errors or mistakes found in competing apps.

We now have enough direction to proceed and our designers look for inspiration. There are thousands of Apps out there with thousands created every day. Most of them are very efficient, offering amazing features to users. We need to have our app offer a similar standard of UI / UX design if not better. It needs to be elegant and crisp. Its visual appeal, layout and symmetry should contribute to why users would want to download it. It should leave its own mark on its industry. By now we are full with everything needed to proceed with the actual design. It all starts with a canvas with grid where every space is defined with margins and padding and maintaining consistent widths and heights with these. The entire UX is planned so.

Navigation is the part that needs to be designed carefully since it leads the user to the information or product the app is supposed to market. We keep the links and other call to action buttons simple and handy and navigation to flow naturally. The user should not have to spend time on understanding or getting used to the app navigation. Time spent on Typography of an app is well invested. We assure text legibility and the font’s visual ease on the eyes. This is particularly important since the screen space on a smartphone is limited. A hard to look at font and illegible text could spoil user-experience. Spaces between lines and words are important so text does not appear cramped.

Colors are used not just for visual appeal but also to denote hierarchical importance and purpose. We use various shades of theme colors to this effect. We make sure that Call to Action buttons are not the same color as the app, lest they get lost or difficult to identify. We also avoid usage of colors that may imply alerts or danger in normal usage. For example, we would not us a bright Red for a ‘Buy’ button since it is generally used to signify danger or restriction in so many countries. In any case, our approach is to achieve good visuals with minimum colors.

The final and vital component of App design is that it should work on different devices for the users to derive the maximum benefit. We test our productions to ensure they fulfill the obvious but important accessibility to the user. Reaching all the keypads with one hand and not blocking any important information with the other while typing and if the same holds good for both portrait and landscape orientations of the device, if the app looks good on lower model devices to name a few. We deliver symmetrical, balanced app designs that are visually pleasing, easily accessible to your thumbs to

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