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Understand Online Digital Marketing before you invest. It comes in many flavors; you need right guidance about the right one.

Digital Marketing

Visualize and represent your ideas by integrating compelling UI / UX designs in your website.

Marketing products or services with aid of technology and electronic devices has been around since long. This is what Digital Marketing is all about. While Digital Marketing can be both Offline and Online, the scope of our services is currently limited on Online Digital Marketing.

To distinguish between Offline and Online Digital Marketing, Radio Marketing, TV Ads, Billboard Ads, Cold Calls are all examples of Offline Digital Marketing, while Online Digital Marketing can be classified in the seven major categories below:

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

PPC Advertising


Affiliate Marketing


E-Mail Marketing


Content Marketing Services


Online digital marketing today has evolved into an organism comprising of parts above, and all need to strive in varying degrees to achieve optimum results. A huge section, close to 95% of Internet surfers begin browsing through a search engine. Out of these 68% or so use Google. Out of these the first five Google results get all clicks. This succinctly answers why you would need online digital marketing in the first place.

Who should your entrust your Internet marketing with among the sea of Internet marketers available should be the question of interest. And not only interest but it also a matter of caution.

Writing good content is not an easy game and average content simply won’t do. Content writing is much more than increasing keyword density and distribution within site’ pages, Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions . It is about how content is written, or crafted if you will, so it does not lose user friendliness among keywords or phrases inserted thoughtlessly all around. And search engines, particularly Google keeps an eye on pages carrying content written with no regard for the readers consuming it.

So your digital agency should be a good designer, polished content writer and a good Webmaster for all Google and other Search Engine purposes.So, are we done? Not really. There’s still SOCIAL MEDIA.

Your presence and activity on Social Media is as crucial today as it is on Search Engines. And there are many social media platforms that are fast becoming popular besides the ones already on the pinnacle like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Each has important marketing avenues to offer but each is also a different system. These are also highly technically evolved platforms that offer complex plugins to integrate with websites. They offer high-end features, Your digital agency therefore should be a good Social Media Marketer.

It is an established fact that achieving ranking on Google and others is just a matter of how smartly the seven marketing avenues above are employed by your marketer. Your digital agency therefore should be able to provide you services from all these avenues. We do. Interview us to see how we design each of these services to benefit our clients’ businesses in striking the ‘right chord’ among their target audience.

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