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Rich Android Mobile Apps designed with perfect balance in Design and Technology, affording great User Interface and User Experience.

There are multiple approaches to developing Android Apps but Native App development is by far the most robust. They offer superior performance, least overheads and best utilize the capabilities offered by Android operating system.

So while both Native and Hybrid App development have their own benefits, we suggest it is worthwhile to go in for native app development.

However you need a professional to undertake native app development since there are many challenges that need to be tackled that definitely need a developer who knows his job.

To name a few, the developer doing your Android app will need to make sure your app supports older Android versions, handle different screen sizes and densities and be able to gracefully adjust to hardware sensor availability.

Plus your developer should be on the same page with constantly evolving Android platform and recent trends to fulfill your expectations best.

For example, your app would turn out much better if the developer knew Material Design, the well-thought guidelines to base your app build on so it best matches the look and feel of Android Lollipop and Marshmallow, the Google operating systems, Marshmallow having succeeded Lollipop.

Android Wear based smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular and it would soon become a requirement for Android App developers to use Wear API in their apps to ensure that their apps interact with wearable devices.

Android App Developing

In short your Android app developer should be skilled in latest technologies and trends that are relevant to development and be able to learn upcoming technologies fast and apply them skillfully.Besides technology your app developer would need good specification analysis skills so they include the most apt technologies in your project to deliver a fast and efficient product.

We have a team of senior Android app developers who are not only sound technically but also good communicators that are able to catch your specifications as you need them implemented.Once we have the final copy of specifications we create a wireframe to give you a visual idea of the flow of the app.Past this stage we create all design assets and work on designs of various screens in the app. We take great care that our visual designs are user friendly and look good so your app leaves an impression on the mind of its users.

This stage too goes through your approval and by this time you have a clear idea of how your app will look and function. Thereafter we get down to working on coding the functionality of your app and deliver various modules of the project as per set milestones. You are kept in the loop throughout so you may provide your feedback as needed.

Once completed your App is launched on Google Play.

We provide free consultation and guide you on best solutions for your project. We even create your specification document after thorough discussion on your job for a small charge in case you have your own developers to execute your project.

Whether it is a ready project or an idea on which you need to brainstorm, we are your guys.

Our Android App Development Approches

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Following are the key android application development approaches.

Android Device

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