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Crisp Business Logo Design for Solid Brand Identity.

Logo is important to brand identity. While to consumers, logos serve as a link between a company and its product; to the company it is an image that serves as a point of recognition on which their branding hangs. To our designers they represent the creative-challenge of assimilating our clients’ idea of their business into one single graphic.

Today, when a website is as important a requirement for a business as a business card is, importance of an impactful logo design couldn’t be over-emphasized.


The demand for good logo design and the sheer number of design companies offering so poses a valid question: Which One?

  • The answer obviously lies with the company that can create an original, outstanding logo in least time.
  • We strive to be that design company taking care to adopt standard principles and practices to deliver you logos that represent your brand aptly and gracefully.
  • We draw our inspiration from clients’ own inputs and expression of their businesses. Adding to it our own set standards that a logo must be:

Prepared with these, we take the job to our process that comprises of Research – Reference – Sketching & Conceptualizing – Presentation While we never copy anything from anywhere, we are open to healthy learning from other popular brand as to which features, of their logos in particular, could have afforded them such wide appeal. At the outset, we strictly avoid cliches. So a Grid in a Globe is a total no-no for ‘International’ and so is stock or clip art. Original human artistry is what we aim to do your logos with. We encourage our clients to work with us and would not be satisfied with a one-line specification that ‘the logo should be iconic’. We need to get into your mind and your business to do a logo that impacts your audience.

Logo Step

In any logo design undertaking, our designers’ initial move is to sketch. We treat this the best way to sum up ideas initially and once they solidify a little we take on to the computer. We always do our logos using vectors so it can be easily rescale without quality loss.

Typography is another important aspect we treat very carefully since it is central to logo design. Whether we choose a font from the ones available or create our own, simplicity and legibility is paramount in our choice. We also avoid making the font too stylish or extraordinary lest it starts boring in the long run.
Logo fonts should be according to the qualities of the brand and printer friendly. We ensure so.
Space management within and around a logo is another integral part of our design. Where we can, We provide in a designs an exclusion zone in the shape of space around our logos so logo itself stands protected from encroachment and that this space is included each time they are reproduced on any media.

Logos need to work both in Black & White as well as in color. Colors can impart some great connotations if chosen well. While we choose colors to express the best of design we are careful our logo designs do not have are not too many colors or overwhelming shades. Our designers strive to deliver you logos that are created after a lot of consideration invested in each of their aspect. They are designed that your brand strikes your audience a winner.

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