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Content marketing is a tough job because it is much like Storytelling. As a whole it transcends Blogs, Social Media, Viral Videos and the rest; while keeping these as composites all the time.

Online marketers are increasingly paying attention to content being served to consumers these days. Content is being served in easy yet classy style that is both informative and entertaining to the customer.

It stands in direct contrast to days when it was okay to write text stuffed with keywords and key phrases. Those were the times when readers had to suffer texts like “…. the best web design company with great web designers. Our best web design is the best web design among ….. “

  • This practice is long since dead and Google imposes severe penalty on websites with such content.
  • Neatly arranged, relevant text with great info graphics is welcomed not only by readers but Google themselves.
  • Content is being written for the Reader and then for Search Engines.
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The concept of Content Marketing has arrived

It has arrived as a long-term strategy, one that aims to build a strong customer relationship gradually by providing relevant, researched information consistently. It ties up your customers with bonds of trust enabling them to purchase from you in preference to your competitors.

This stands in contrast to one-off marketing in that it seems to offer care and attention to customers alongside efficient and quality product delivery.
Content Marketing comes in three packages as Online, Offline and Hybrids. We shall focus on Online Content Marketing since this is both the scope of this write-up as well as the services detailed herein.

Online Content marketing bundles the story about the product and the product itself together, much like appetizer preceding the main course. By the time you are done with the appetizer, you are more than ready for the main course. This is all it is about.

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So, you keep feeding your customers with relevant, correct information about your products and services in small doses and you have already prepared them for a purchase. When they are ready they will be so convinced of this ‘story telling’ vendor that they wouldn’t consider competition.

Therefore a blog about your products serving bi-weekly posts to the right audience on the right platforms is sure to get a following over time eager to buy or at least consider any offer you float among them. Neat, isn’t it.If you look at the current scenario closely content today sits at the heart of all other forms of online marketing, be it SEO, SMM, SEM and of course Content Marketing. It has evolved to be as important as online traffic because content is what you serve your traffic.

Online marketing is slowly becoming a game of how much content juice your website has and how widely it is spread. If it is right content, informative and served to the right audience then there is no dearth of takers.

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So given that you have a cool site that is well-optimized, great speed, well-coded and social media pages created for then you are just looking at adding more relevant, fresh content and promoting it across different online avenues and BINGO! As things stand today, your site should grow in ranking automatically provided you have made sure that you have been serving your content to the right audience and among the right platforms. That is how powerful Content Marketing stands today! And it isn’t just about textual content. Content today would cover text, images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Word Documents and a combination of either of these.

Our content experts know that what works for one business might not work for another. Before we get started we think about what kind of content will best showcase your business’ brand, and what kind of topics and interests it will be most relevant for us to cover. Thus we provide such content that will help you achieve the competitive edge that you aim for. A good content helps benefit your business by converting a mild inquisitive surfer into a paying customer.

Our professional, experienced content team at One World Technologies ensures that content they provide is unique, engaging and interesting with the exact solution that your users are looking for. Our experienced writers know the right technique to pen down their unique ideas in a way that content attracts more people increasing the visibility of your website in search engines.

Try us and let us show you the wonders our Content Creation and Marketing can do for your website.

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