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Commercial websites have a specific purpose of selling services or products to visitors. The information they provide is therefore meant for the purpose of educating them about products / services being sold. Visitor attention is as important even to non-commercial websites, which do not sell anything but still need visitors for their content consumption.

This requires engaging visitors long enough for them to evaluate and purchase or imbibe. Engaging visitors is what a Good Web Design is all about!

While quality, popularity and necessity of the website content contributes largely to visitor traffic, retention of it depends much on how a site is designed. Considerable and dedicated effort goes in building websites that can engage visitors successfully. A lot of aspects such as design, color scheme, content placement affect how visitors view a website. It is important that design components provide a good visual feel to the users but not get in their way of seeking information. At the same time there should be enough visual objects such as images, info graphics and videos so the site does not seem too textual. This balance among the visuals and textual elements is one of the hallmarks of good Web design.

A Web design that has frugal, well-chosen components placed strategically so important information is easily accessible and catches visitors’ attention, not only impresses them but also engages them better to spend more time on the website. Designing Websites for businesses is no trifle task since it involves skills executed responsibly. Our Web designers and developers being fully aware of this make sure that we churn out websites that meet their purpose, load fast, have good cosmetic appeal and are browser friendly.

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On approval, we proceed with creating the rest of the layouts and begin slicing the existing ones to be programmed in HTML with CSS, jQuery etc. to achieve the look of the layouts through code.

We program all our websites Responsive, mainly using Bootstrap framework, so they auto-adjust to varying screen-size without getting distorted or any information going out of view or becoming inaccessible due to the screen-size variation.

The finished HTMLs are either delivered static from our web design section or handed over to our web programming section to be tied up with relevant programming in case the project involves any dynamic functionality.

Once the web project is complete, we test it for cross-browser compatibility. All websites we create are compatible with latest and one version below the latest of popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Throughout we make sure that we follow the best On-page SEO standards such as keeping the Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions of the pages less than Google specified character limit, naming images appropriately and using ALT tags for images in the code to name a few.

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