Banner Design

Great, visitor-attracting Banners with the right copy, info graphics and call to action buttons that encourage visitors to ‘Sign Up or ‘Buy’.

Online Banner advertising is one of the most economical modes of advertising. It is also by far the most popular and widespread form of advertising on the Net. Almost every website either displays banner advertisement or posts on another.

Banners rightly designed can serve as great advertisement aids, using effective info graphics to promote products and services.

We are going to discuss here the top four important constituents of a banner that enable it to secure a higher click through rate. Besides other things, we particularly focus on these while designing banners.

Optimal File

Optimal Sized File

It is important to keep the designed banner file’s size low for obvious reasons. This is really important. If the .GIF or .JPG file is large it will take some time to download and by then the visitors might have scrolled past the banner.

We therefore make sure our banner files stays below 10K, 15K at the most. Equally important is the requirement that the banner be placed within the area on the page that will surely cross the visitors’ line of view.

Apt Animation

Apt Animations

We make sure we design our banners with at-least one moving element. Moving things catch eye better than anything static. Since banners are designed to grab attention, small movements within them achieve this best. However animations will increase banner size, so they need to be small and subtle. It isn’t also a good idea to keep many animations in a single banner. Besides increasing file size, these may end up annoying the user. We create small, light animations meant to draw visitors’ attention at the right spots on the banner.


Call to Action

These are small phrases or words such as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ – linked to the right page on a website – to encourage users to attempt an action the banner is designed for. This unique feature of online banners sets them apart from static banners in print media which are purely informative.

Call to Action links demand strategic placement even in a very small banner. These should be placed in relation to banner’s theme, copy and images to attract visitors enough to want to click them. Our designers devote time and attention to such micro details even on a canvas as limited as a banner’s, ensuring they are able to draw maximum CTR (click through rate).

Well-written Copy

This is probably the most important content of a banner. Since there is limited space available, a catchy, well-written text that conveys much in limited words is crucial. Writing such copy requires good marketing acumen and experience.

Our content writers, many of them ex-columnists of renowned publications, are well experienced to write impactful, frugal content that hits right at the point. We choose right words and phrases that not only convey how your products and services may benefit your clients but also how they are a better choice over others.

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